Mana Training Consultants, Inc. - "Training Services for Mental Health Providers"


Unit 1              Orientation of DHS/DJJS Contract Requirements –
                          “Use of Client: Identifying Information and Electronic Media”                
Unit 2              Department of Human Services (DHS) Provider Code of Conduct,                   
                       Emergency Management and Business Continuity Plan               
Unit 3              Medical Care, Dental Care, Mental Health, Medication                                          Management        
Unit 4              Maintenance of CPR and First-Aid Certification                  
Unit 5              Other Training Lessons Part I       
                         As needed based on Contractor’s program and
                         evaluation of individuals direct care staff and proctor parents
                         training needs]
                        Understanding Our Children                                                                    
                        Addressing Problematic Behaviors                                                
                        Active Supervision, Structure, Improving School Performance
                        Drug Use Identification, Prevention, Intervention Techniques
                        Negative Peer Influence                                                                   
                        Developing Personal Action Plans                                       
Unit 6              Other Training Lessons Part II                                                                        
                        Bipolar Mood Disorder                                                                                   
                        Conduct Disorder                                                                                             
                        Creating Secure Attachments                                                                          
                        The Challenge of Change                                                                                
                        The Stages of Change Process                                                                     


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